Aluminium or carbon fibre wheels?

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From all over the world we are getting advertisements about stiffness, durability of wheels and opinions that if we put on carbon cones, we won't really just ride anymore, but even fly at cosmic speed. We don't deny that Carbon wheels can wing you, but first you have to choose the ones that really meet all the quality and technological requirements. Otherwise, instead of great driving qualities, you can get wheels that carry only disappointment.

As specialists in the construction of professional wheels for cyclists, we want to work with you to make a good choice. We want you to know which wheels you need and which are the best choices for your budget

The question we often hear from our customers interested in new wheels concerns their material. If carbon fibre has so many advantages, can aluminium wheels be equal to it? With a budget of PLN 1500-2500, is it worth giving up the choice of aluminium and paying extra for carbon fibre?


High quality aluminium wheels are better than low-shelf carbon fibre wheels.

Carbon wheels should be associated with quality and durability. Unfortunately, the reality is not so colourful, because good quality goes hand in hand with high price. Carbon wheels for PLN 2,000 are a tempting proposal from a budgetary point of view, but the worst possible option when it comes to long-distance use.

On the Internet you can find many offers of carbon wheels at an affordable price, but made up of poor quality components. Rims made of low-grade carbon (carbon fibre) lose their stiffness quickly, the wheels built on them are much easier to disperse, and thus their strength is simply poor. The service of such wheels has to be done much more often than in the case of more expensive models, and at the same time there are few sellers who offer comprehensive customer service in this area after the purchase.

In every wheel, even the best and most famous brands, there can be a hidden defect that has not been detected at the production stage, but the most important thing in such a situation is to be able to turn to the seller for help. For small carbon wheel manufacturers, poor spare parts availability is also a problem. If your wheels qualify for warranty replacement, smaller companies may not have enough stock to make a quick repair

If your budget does not allow for high-end carbon wheels, the best choice will be to buy aluminium wheels built with high quality components. Aluminium set in the price range 1500 - 2000 PLN exceeds cheap carbon wheels in terms of quality and parameters.

Aluminium wheels
1500 - 2500 PLN
High-quality aluminium rim
Proven and reliable hubs
Service 1-2 per year (centering)
Duration of use: several seasons
Carbon wheels
2000 - 3000 PLN
Rim made of poor quality carbon fibre
Low quality hubs branded with the brand logo
Frequent wheel service (hubs, centring)
Long waiting time for replacement parts

I want to buy good carbon wheels. What should I look at?

As already stated before, if you want to enjoy your carbon wheels long term, they must be built in a professional assembly shop, using the best components. Carbon rims should be made from better quality carbon fibre, e.g. T800, and take into account the latest aerodynamic technologies. We recommend using the best components in both aluminium and carbon wheels. This will help to avoid possible future disappointments and the need to repair the equipment.

Many companies on the market offer hubs branded with their own brand, under which there is a poorly sealed body, and it is the sealing that determines the strength of the hub. Even the best ceramic bearings will be of no use if the hub is not properly sealed, because everything that gets inside the body affects the bearings.

Carbon wheels must come from a proven assembly plant to ensure that the braiding is correct and complies with the restrictive wheel construction requirements and that access to spare parts is quick and easy. In this case, it is simply easier to get help with possible warranty issues.

What should I do when selecting the wheel specifications?

When selecting both aluminium and carbon wheels, choose components from proven manufacturers. Our certainties are brands: DT SWISS, ZTR Stan's NoTubes and Sapim. In the case of hubs, it is no coincidence that our choice fell on DT SWISS, as their products stand out from the competition in terms of durability and ease of servicing.

The reliable and at the same time the most popular 350 model is an example. The price-performance ratio is an unquestionable advantage and we risk saying that the sealing of these hubs is even legendary. Bearings can operate without any interference even after 25-30 thousand kilometers. In addition, the 350 and 240s models are equipped with the Ratchet system, which is much more durable than standard latches.

We trusted the Sapim brand, especially the two models, for the spokes: D-Light (shadowed round spokes) and the highest CX-Ray (one of the lightest, aero flat spokes).

Professional Carbon wheels at an attractive price? Check the EVANLITE brand.

If you don't want to decide to buy aluminium wheels and you can increase your budget and at the same time not overpay for top-quality wheels, we have good news for you. Our many years of experience and presence on the market have allowed us to create the EVANLITE brand in 2017.

Already several hundred cyclists in Poland appreciated EVANLITE for its attractive price in relation to high quality, which is equal to that offered by the biggest western brands, which sell their products on very high margins.

EVANLITE wheels are built according to the latest trends. They provide excellent aerodynamic properties and better power transmission due to high rigidity. Furthermore, all models are compatible with the tubeless system.

EVANLITE wheels are very popular, a constantly growing group of satisfied cyclists, not only from Poland, but also from abroad and are already used by several professional cycling clubs.

At you can create your wheels from scratch - customize them according to your preferences by choosing additional components such as tires at an attractive price (only applicable when buying wheels).

Carbon wheels
2000 - 3000 PLN
Poor quality carbon rim
Obsolete technologies
Branded hub with poor sealing
Long warranty service life
Frequent service is likely to be required
EVANLITE3000 - 5000 PLN
Carbon fibre rim T800
DT Swiss hubs and Sapim spokes
Latest aerodynamic technologies
Protection program, free repair + lifetime warranty
Quick warranty service
Customer care after purchase
Seasonal wheels
Perceptible improvement in speed
Carbon wheels
over PLN 5000
Carbon fibre rim T700/T800
Good quality hubs and spokes
2 years guarantee + Crash Replacement Scheme
Quick warranty service
Seasonal wheels
Perceptible improvement in speed


The selection of appropriate and good quality components is undoubtedly the basis for the construction of wheels, but the decisive factor is their professional construction process. Wheels built on the best rims, hubs and spokes, braided by an incompetent person/company, can turn out to be a bubble and only bring disappointment.

By entrusting the construction of your wheels to professionals, you are guaranteed the correct process of wheelbuilding, i.e. ultimately greater durability and no need for frequent servicing. In case of any technical problems you will not encounter any difficulties with the availability of spare parts, and a possible warranty replacement will usually take no longer than 7 working days.

To buy good wheels go to the braiding professionals.
Lemonbike employs leading Polish specialists as well as Customer Advisors to help you make the best choice.

On our website we offer a convenient configurator (available for most models), which allows you to change the components to adapt the wheels to your needs and budget, and then easily place an order directly through the site. The configurator changes the models of hubs, spokes, drums or axles. The whole is designed in such a way that each created configuration is compatible with each other.

If you are not sure what components to choose, please contact us and our Consultants will help you make the best choice. Send us an e-mail or fill in the form, according to which we will prepare an individual offer of wheels, tailored to your needs.

If you prefer direct contact, just call or order a telephone contact and we will call you.


What aluminium wheels do we recommend?

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