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Wheel building at the Lemonbike assembly plant is a very precise process right from the start. We focus primarily on customer requirements and the quality of the entire process. You can rest assured that you are choosing the highest quality components, a professional build process, including professional help, advice and after sales care. The statement "Wheels built at Lemonbike" obliges.

In the first stage, the most important role is played by you, choosing the individual wheel parts. If necessary we are at your disposal by phone or e-mail to help you make the best choice. By placing your order through lemonbike.eu you start the whole process.

Wheel creation begins in the assembly shop, where all the components of your kit are selected. Before the final wheel build begins, we thoroughly check the quality of each component to eliminate the possibility of a factory defect.

Then the final building process begins, where our wheelbuilders do their work. Their task is to create perfect wheels. Every detail is important, because it is the wheels that will bear the biggest loads generated by the cyclist during the ride. The wheels will have to stand up to many challenges, riding on them should be as failure-free and effective as possible.

We have invested a lot in rearming the Lemonbike assembly plant. Advanced centering machines, extremely sensitive strain gauges and expanding machines. Combined with (above all) the high level of skill of our braiders, they allow us to build wheels of the highest quality.

Proper wheel centering during the building process is one of the most critical factors in wheel strength and reliability. Another factor is the skillful seating of the spokes in the hub flange. At this stage we use an expanding procedure. This simulates the overload which occurs during driving. Afterwards the wheels are re-centred. This is repeated until the spokes are properly tensioned. As a result it is very likely that you will not need to re-centre the wheels after the first few rides.

Years of experience and our customers' choices have shown us which components are the best. Most often we build our wheels on DT Swiss brand hubs, which have a phenomenal seal, protecting the hub from external factors. When it comes to spokes, we trust the Sapim brand and use their flagship models D-Light and CX-Ray.

When the wheels are already braided and strictly checked for quality, the final stage takes place. We pack the wheels in a specially protected cardboard box. We take care to ensure that the shipment takes place in safe conditions.

We provide a 2 year warranty on the wheels, and for select brands we also provide an additional Crash Replacement protection package.

To enjoy your wheels for as long as possible, we recommend keeping them clean, and if you wash the wheels with a pressure washer, do not direct the spray on the hubs. It's also a good idea to have them serviced every few thousand kilometres.


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