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Look how we build wheels and why cyclist know we are the best

Building wheels in Lemonbike is a precise process from the very beginning. We focus primarily on customer requirements and the quality of the entire process. You must to have confidence that we use only the highest quality components, apply professional construction process. Whatsmore, we ensure professional help, advice and care after the purchase.

In the first stage, you play the most important role by selecting individual parts of the wheels in our website. If necessary, we are at your disposal by phone or email to help you make the best choice. By placing an order through lemonbike.eu you start the whole process.

We start creating wheels in the Lemonbike Wheels assembly plant, where all components of your set are waiting. Before starting the proper wheel construction, we check the quality of each element carefully to eliminate the possibility of a factory defect.

Next the final construction process begins and wheelbuilders proceed to their work. Their task is to create perfect wheels. Every detail is important . Probably your new wheels will have to meet many challenges during riding on them in terrain. We build wheels which are maximally trouble-free during riding.

We have invested to create advenced the Lemonbike Wheels assembly plant. Advanced centering, extremely sensitive strain gauges and expansion machines. In combination with (above all) the high skills of our wheelsbuilders, they allow to make wheels in top quality.

The right centering of the wheels during the construction process is one of the most important factors that affects their strength and reliability. Another factor is the skilful mounting of spokes in the hub flange. At this stage, we use the expansion procedure. It simulates overloads generated while riding. When it is finished, the wheels are centered again. The result of these actions is a high probability that re-centering of the wheels after the first rides will not be required.

Years of experience and our customers' choices have shown us which components are the best. Most often we build wheels on DT Swiss hubs, which have a phenomenal seal, protecting the hub against the influence of external factors. In terms of spokes, we trusted the Sapim brand and use their top models D-Light and CX-Ray.

When the wheels are already buillded and strictly checked for quality, the last stage is coming. We pack the wheels into a specially secured cartoon box. We pay attention that the shipment have to takes place in safe conditions . When courier will come with your new wheels, remember that we grant a 2-year warranty on the wheels. Additional Crash Replacement Program protection is available for selected brands.

To use the wheels as long as possible, we recommend keeping them clean. In the case of washing the wheels with a pressure washer, not directing the jet to the hubs. It is also good to conduct a check-up service every few thousand kilometers.