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Sealing fluid designed to patch the hole created in the tire. If you are tired of constantly changing tubes, the sealing system is the perfect solution for you. The undoubted advantage of riding in a tubeless system is also better traction and increased comfort. The wheels spin faster than when riding on tubes. Stan's NoTubes award-winning fluid formulation has become a benchmark for quality, reliability and effectiveness.

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Standard application of the liquid (without the use of an applicator)

Remove the tire from the rim. After pouring the appropriate amount of fluid into the tire, pull it back onto the rim and, using a compressor or a special pump with a pressurized chamber, inflate the wheel. It is not recommended to use CO2 cartridges for this purpose, as they react with the sealing fluid.

In order for the fluid to spread well over the inner surface of the tire, the inflated wheel should be rotated for a while and shaken in the air at different angles.

Thus prepared, the wheel can be mounted to the bicycle.

Liquid application through the valve (using a dedicated applicator)

Remove the valve nut, and then use a wrench to unscrew the insert (for this to be possible, use dedicated valves, adapted to the tubeless system, and a wrench to unscrew the valve insert). Get the right amount of fluid into the applicator, then put its tip on the valve and slowly pour the fluid into the tire. Screw in the valve insert and replace the cap. The rest of the procedure is the same as for standard application.

After what time to refill the fluid and how to do it?

It is recommended to check the fluid level every 4 months. The quickest and easiest way to refill the fluid is to use the applicator or spout of the smallest 59ml bottle of Stan's NoTubes sealant.

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100 ml = 100 g

Recommended amount of fluid per wheel

90 - 130 ml

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