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Road wheels designed for rim brakes (v-brake ) usually have fewer spokes than wheels adapted for disc brakes, 20 at the front and 24 at the rear. In addition, it is worth noting that during braking (the place of braking is on the rim) there is an additional load on the wheel. Therefore, wheels v-brake should be constructed with high-quality rims and spokes, so that the whole set is adequately strong. Road wheels designed for old type classic rim brakes (v-brakes) typically have fewer spokes than wheels made for disc brakes, with 20 spokes in the front and 24 in the rear. It's also important to note that braking (with the brake surface on the rim) adds extra stress to the wheel. Therefore, v-brake wheels should be built using high-quality rims and spokes to ensure the entire set is strong enough.

In the construction of alloy wheels, we use the renowned DT Swiss rims and Sapim D-Light spokes, which guarantees not only durability but also wheel performance. For heavier users, we recommend considering stronger Sapim Race spokes, which can be selected in the configurator. For low-weight enthusiasts, there is an option to build wheels with the ultra-light Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

In terms of hubs, we use proven models from DT Swiss and Evanlite, which operate on the ratchet mechanism, ensuring reliability and high performance.

DT Swiss RR 411

Weight: 1390 - 1500 grams (various configurations)
Rim height: 21 mm
Weight limit: 120 kg
Rim material: alloy

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Wheels built with the very lightweight DT RR 411 low-profile rim positively impact the overall weight of the set. They are designed for users who prioritize low weight while maintaining wheel strength. The DT RR 411 model performs excellently on flat and hilly road routes.

If you plan to mainly use the wheels on flat or hilly roads, where low wheel weight is not as important, we recommend considering the DT RR 511 model with a higher rim.

DT Swiss RR 511

Weight: 1570 - 1700 grams (various configurations)
Rim height: 32 mm
Weight limit: 130 kg
Rim material: alloy

Our comment

Great-looking road wheels featuring the higher profile DT RR 511 rims with a height of 32 mm. An excellent choice for flat and hilly road routes. The sturdy, high-quality rim combined with good hubs and spokes creates an ideal set of aluminum wheels for both training and racing purposes.

The high 32mm rim is not only for looks but also helps improve aerodynamics a bit. This set of wheels is designed for users who expect high quality and performance during intensive training and competition.

Evanlite Black 50

Weight: 1390 - 1510 grams (various configurations)
Inner rim width: 50 mm
Weight limit: 120 kg
Rim material: carbon

Our comment

The popular Evanlite carbon wheel model is built with a 50mm rim. Carbon allows for high-profile rims while keeping the weight low, making these wheels a versatile choice for both flat and mountainous roads. The wheel construction is based on high-quality DT Swiss hubs.

The wheels are an ideal choice for users who expect top-quality equipment focused on performance during intense road riding. The wheels come with an extended warranty and a protective program from the manufacturer, Evanlite.

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